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Frequently asked questions

If you can't find answer to your question, feel free to contact us!
1. Are sheets and towels included?
Yes, for every guest sheets are changed, and there are clean towels on the bed.
2. Is it quiet at night?
Yes, it is quiet at night.
3. Do you have luggage storage?
Yes, if you need we can provide you storage for your luggage.
4. Do I make reservation for bed or room?
Just be carefull when you make reservation, it all stands in name of accomodation unit: bed – bed in mixed dormitory with three beds/two beds...or room - family room, room with twin bed.
5. Is breakfast included in price?
No, breakfast is not included in price.
6. Are rooms gender divided?
No, rooms are not gender divided.
7. Is there locker with key in room?
Yes, there are lockers with key in each room. 
8. Do you provide washing and drying of clothes?
Yes, we provide washing and drying of clothes.
9. What kind of beds and bed mattrasses are in rooms?
We have Hespo mattrasses, and beds are 90x200cm large including bunk beds.
10. How can I avoid that you place me in room with bunk bed or in room with mixed genders?
While making reservation you can make special request, and we will, due to availability, confirm or deny your request.
11. Do you have protected parking lot for personal cars and buses?
Yes we have protected parking lot with video surveillance and ramp big enaugh for cars and buses.